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Santiago Barco-Rivière, was born in Bogotá in 1999 and is now living in Zurich. As a  photographer and art director, his profound love for images, art and design began a decade ago when his father gifted him his first camera. A few years later on he'd work for the first time at a top design agency in Bogotá, Under Alejandro Riviere. Also inspired by his architect grandfather, an avid amateur photographer, his journey as a visual artist was gradually set in motion.

Nowadays, working hand in hand with dozens of Swiss and international brands, artists and organisations, his evocative images touch the hearts of diverse audiences, transcending borders and languages. Santiago's lens captures the unique natural beauty and aura of individuals, complementing his passion for immortalising contemporary design. His work has graced various publications and  exhibitions, showcasing his artistic vision. The prowess of his works shines as he focuses on working with others and bringing their ideals to life through his interpretations.



From the elegance of haute couture and innovative products, Santiago's lens reveals this world's wonders with new and fresh perspective. Join him on this captivating journey, where each photograph narrates a story of human prowess, sustainability, art and connection. As he explores new horizons he continues his quest of leaving an indelible mark on the captivating world of visual storytelling.

In 2019 he Founded the visuals boutique and photo agency, FOTON LUX based near Zurich.



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